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The value of PEHR Technologies and The Bartlett®
PEHR Technologies designs and produces medical records software that supports your patients in becoming more involved in their health-care by providing an easily-updated comprehensive medical record that includes diagnoses, prescriptions, histories, and test results, and that can even prompt health-maintenance appointments. With this technology, your patients can always carry important information about their health history, with a complete copy of all their medical records, as they travel, see specialists or are admitted to a hospital in an emergency.

Viewing a Patient's Previous Medical History
You can quickly view information on a patient's Barlett by simply plugging it into a USB drive on your PC. The data can be viewed directly on the screen, printed for your review, or added to the patient's file. All data stays on the patient's Bartlett® device and will not automatically download onto your computer.

Adding To a Patient's Record on the Bartlett®
When you wish to add discharge summaries, test results, a copy of an EKG, or any other information to a patient's Bartlett®, please provide a photocopy and ask the patient to scan the documents and load them onto their Bartlett® device.

More information is available on the FAQ's section of this web site.

We value your ideas for making this software and the Bartlett® device more useful and user friendly. Please e-mail your suggestions to suggestions@pehrtech.com Thank you very much.

PEHR® Technologies Your medical records, when you need them.
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2GB USB Flash drive with PEHR personal health record software

$29.95 each
includes S&H

PEHR-Lite® Bartlett
2GB USB flash drive with personal health record software.

$24.95 each
includes S&H

Please place your order by email to: sales@pehrtech.com