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The Bartlett: Personal Electronic Health Records

Why Should You Start A Personal Health Record?

-To organize, store, and manage your lifetime of health information in a private and secure place (The Bartlett)

-To share this information with your health care providers at your discretion

Below are some actual screen shots from The Bartlett software:

Please click on each picture to enlarge

click on image to view Alert Screen

This is the screen that the paramedics, ER, and doctors offices can see without a password. Important emergency information is displayed here, such as allergies, diseases, blood type, etc.
Image Results

Scans of important test results (e.g., EKG, MRI, CT, etc.) are displayed here. This screen is very important so that doctors in the Emergency Room can compare current test results with previous results. When you go into the ER in the middle of the night, the doctors may not to be able to get your medical records. Make sure that they are available in case of an emergency!
click on image to view
click on image to view Patient Info Screen

This is where you put all of your information. Such as name, address, phone numbers, emergency contact information, primary care physician, and health insurance information.

The Bartlett® is a 1 GB USB flash-drive device powerful enough to hold your lifetime personal health records. These patient entered, easily-accessible records include:
  • Medical Alert page with allergies and critical info, you decide what goes there. This page is not password protected, so that emergency personal can have quick access to it.
  • Patient Information
  • Family History
  • Diagnoses
  • Surgeries
  • Other Illnesses
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Health Maintenance
  • Immunizations
  • Transfusions
  • Documents/Test Results
  • Journal/Filing Cabinet
  • Diabetes
  • Print Reports
  • Internet Links


  • Holds scanned documents such as X-Rays, MRIs and EKGs
  • Private and secure
  • Not web based no hacker risk
  • Links together hospitals, doctors, the ER, and YOU!!
  • Improves patient safety
  • Critical for traveling
  • Easy to use
    Star of Life

    Satisfied Customers

    "As a registered nurse I appreciate tools that help me access accurate information when I need it. My elderly mother recently went to the ER. I had previously filled out her Bartlett with her medical information. The info on the Bartlett was super helpful in the ER and improved the quality of her care. The ER staff was impressed and wished that more Patients had Bartletts."


    "I really like that all of my health information is in one location and easy to find, organized and convenient."
    Crystal Cutter

    "Easy to use. It's a great way to store a lot of information, and it's compact too."
    Dawnelle Thornton

    "I wouldn't leave home without it. Unlike some web based programs, the Bartlett can be read in a PC, even with a laptop at the site of an accident. Setup was a breeze and the ability to print information contained in the Bartlett is a true asset."

    The Bartlett Tested Tough by Lucas

    It still works, too!


    Send an email to: info@pehrtech.com

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    2GB USB Flash drive with PEHR personal health record software

    $29.95 each
    includes S&H

    PEHR-Lite® Bartlett
    2GB USB flash drive with personal health record software.

    $24.95 each
    includes S&H

    Please place your order by email to: sales@pehrtech.com